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This space is dedicated to brainstorming and staging future changes to the Academic Guidelines. In order for these changes to be added to the frozen guidelines, mutual agreement must be reached, the version number will increase, and all those who have signed the guideline will receive email notification.

Draft blog post for CrowdResearch

Discussion / context: Excited_iguana suggests that a good blog post needs to have one message only because people read them fast. The goal of this blog post is to announce the guidelines to the turk research community.

Title: New guidelines for academic requesters on Amazon Mechanical Turk

If you've spent time talking with Turkers, you probably know that academic requesters have been a continuous source of strain. Research surveys with horrendous pay and arbitrary rejections are common. Despite Mechanical Turk's attractive availability, a large number of us make innocent missteps and cause serious stress.

This tension came to a head recently when a social scientist experimented on Turkopticon unannounced, causing anxiety, frustration, and wasted time on all sides. This not only interfered with Turkers making ends meet - which is difficult enough without interference - but it further compromised Turker trust in academic researchers.

As the dust settled, there was a call to Turkers and researchers to draft a guideline for ethical research with Amazon Mechanical Turk. University IRBs review and approve proposals for scientific research, much of which gets done on AMT. The goal is to have a document in a public place that we can point IRBs to that sets a higher standard than Amazon TOS. They answer basic questions such as how to be a good requester, how to pay fairly, and what Turkers can do if HITs are questionable.

After a feedback period, the guidelines are now public:

Lots of Turkers have been signing it. Please join in by signing it as a researcher as well. The guidelines will be updated periodically, so if you have ideas (e.g., what about the difference between social science experiments and data collection?), please post at [LINK]. As a requester, you are part of a very powerful group on AMT. Your signature in support of this document will help give Turkers a sense of cooperation and goodwill, and make Mechanical Turk a better place to work.