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This is a page to coordinate a public, collective response to the recent increase in commission rates by Amazon.

Cover Letter

This will be a short cover letter signed by as many Turkers and requesters as possible.

Why we are against the raise in commission rates

- new academics have limited budgets, this perpetuates the divide between them and established researchers/those from schools with more means; especially harsh on students

- makes native research prohibitively expensive (Turkers researching what it's like to be a Turker to help give all workers a voice in academia/media)

- requesters often have limited budgets, so they can't just get more money to pay more fees, instead will decrease pay to stay within budget constraints, workers end up making less, and since it's a monopsony, workers have no other choice than to do the work which is available

- will drive requesters away to other platforms that charge less (CrowdFlower, Findyr)

- will drive workers away to other platforms that pay more or are more ethical (LeadGenius, CloudFactory, Crowd Research)

- Amazon has had almost 10 years to invest in the platform and hasn't, increasing fees does not enable them to invest all of a sudden

- Amazon doesn't care about workers OR requesters

Notes from requesters

Notes from Turkers