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Draft a press release about the guidelines for academic requesters. We can use this as a starting point: Further information can be found at this Dynamo thread. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Dynamo “Guidelines For Academic Requesters” On Amazon

Mechanical Turk Released

By Carebear

November 21, 2014

Mars, TX – Dynamo is excited to announce the completion of the “Guidelines for Academic

Requesters” document which is now available on Wiki.

Dynamo intends that the production of these guidelines will give more clarity as to why some

requesters do not receive the quality results and data that they are expecting. The guidelines are

designed to build a harmonious, beneficial working relationship between requesters and workers.

It is envisaged that by communicating these guidelines to both groups, a higher standard of data

will be captured. These higher standards will benefit everyone.

These guidelines have been also been produced with an aim to educate requesters about the

workers, and to help workers reach out to those requesters who do not treat workers fairly.

Full details of the guidelines can be found at here.

About Dynamo

Dynamo was created in 2014 by a collective of Amazon Mechanical Turk workers and requesters

who had concern about the pay and treatment of workers who give their time to answer academic


Dynamo hopes that by educating requesters how best to work with Amazon Mechanical Turk

workers, both parties will achieve greater results and stronger relations.


To learn more about these guidelines, please contact